The cheapest destinations for US travelers in every month of 2018

If your goal is to travel as much as possible in 2018 – without spending every cent of your savings – consider these budget destinations for each month of the year.

Spend some time in Cancun for cheap. Image by THEPALMER/Getty Images

Travel site Kayak has released a list of the most affordable – and interesting – domestic and international destinations for US travelers for every month of 2018. Kayak asked its users what they consider to be a cheap flight, which turned out to be anything under $200 for domestic flights and $500 for international travel. So, they looked at their data and found the most desirable destinations for the best price.


The most affordable international flight is to Cancun, with a median fare of $309.50 – not bad for a beach holiday. A domestic trip will be cheaper – and much chillier – by heading to Chicago for a median airfare of $163.

Guadalajara is one of the affordable destinations for 2018. Image by ©Luis Davilla/Getty Images


Once again, Mexico is the most affordable place to go, with the median price to fly to Guadalajara at $280. If you like the warmth, it may be the way to go, as the cheapest domestic flight is to Boston, which is $210 – though you could be there in time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


While traveling to Canada might not scream “international vacation”, Calgary is the best place to soak up some cowboy culture, visit Canada’s National Music Centre, or try a Caesar – for $308 median airfare. Get that same Rocky Mountain experience a bit closer to home by flying to Denver for $166.


Travelling to Mexico City is your best bet for a cheap trip in May, as a flight will only cost around $306. Or, make your Disney World dreams come true by flying to Orlando for $195.

Beach on the south side of Hamilton Island in Bermuda. Image by Massimo Calmonte/Getty Images


In June, a trip to Hamilton, Bermuda will only cost about $322.50, making it the perfect time for a beach vacation. If you want to keep it closer to home, fly to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for only $173.


As the summer heat hits its height, head up to Canada’s cultural mecca of Montreal for $287 median airfare. Or, hit up Atlantic City, New Jersey, for only about $150.

Vancouver is one of the most affordable destinations in August. Image by ©dohitsch/500px


Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy the sea, mountains and city life of Vancouver, which will only have a median cost of $266. Or, head to Sin City, since a flight to Las Vegas will only cost about $181.


Let the summer live on a bit longer with a flight to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, for only $329. But, you can still hit the beach by flying to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for $151.

Travel to Miami for a nice sunny break for cheap. Image by ©littleny/Shutterstock


Try to spot Canada’s famous maple leaves turn a glorious shade of red in Toronto, as the average median price will only be $249. Or, head to Miami, Florida, for a domestic holiday for only $182.


Hamilton, Bermuda is once again the best option for a cheap international holiday, costing just slightly more than in June at $334. Closer to home, flights to Tampa, Florida should only cost about $222.


Close out 2018 with a flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which will cost an average of $338. Or, head to Atlanta, Georgia for $216.

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The cheapest destinations for US travelers in every month of 2018
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