The best cities for millennials to live in 2018 have been revealed

Travel-savvy, open-minded and more flexible in their work than generations before them, millennials are not afraid to relocate for new experiences and opportunities. With that in mind, housing aggregator website Nestpick has revealed the very best cities around the world for millennials to live in 2018. The second year that the company has shared it’s Millenial City Ranking report, it analysed 110 cities taking four main concerns into consideration: is there work available? Can people afford to live a good life? Is the city open and tolerant? And finally, is it fun? Within the survey, diverse smaller sub-categories were also examined, including transport, internet speed, gender equality, food, beer and nightlife.

1. Berlin

Berlin moved from second position to first from last year. Image by Andrey Danilovich/Getty Images

Berlin came out on top in the ranking, scoring major points for its culture surrounding startups, the quality and diversity of food on offer and for being LGBT-friendly. The city moved into first position up on last year’s results, which ranked Berlin as second overall. But it’s not just millennials that are impressed with Berlin right now. It seems that the German capital truly is the place to be, with a survey last month revealing it to be the best city in the world for culture and lifestyle, according to expats, while a separate report last year also saw Berlin emerging as the number one city in the world to work while you travel.

2. Montréal

An empty Montreal street captured at night. Image by DenisTangneyJr/Getty Images

The Canadian city scooped the second position, earning points in the categories of immigration tolerance, festivals and LGBT-friendliness.

3. London

London came third in the survey overall. Image by TangMan Photography/Getty Images

Despite uncertainties caused by Brexit, London shot up to third position in this year’s ranking, earning a perfect score for its selection of universities, while its culture of startups, personal freedom of choice and tourism earned it extra points.

4. Amsterdam

Last year saw Amsterdam coming in first position in the ranking. Image by tunart/Getty Images

Last year saw the Dutch city claiming the top spot in the ranking, with Amsterdam coming in fourth in 2018. Earning a perfect score for its personal freedom of choice, the city also ranked high for its dynamic nightlife, as well as its selection of festivals.

5. Toronto

Flat iron building in Toronto. Image by bobloblaw/Getty Images

The second of three Canadian cities in the top ten, Toronto scored high for its stance on immigration, personal freedom and startups.

6. Vancouver

Vancouver was the third Canadian city to make it into the top ten in the survey. Image by jamesvancouver/Getty Images

Canadian cities dominated the global ranking, with three separate places earning places in the top ten, and Vancouver earned high marks in a number of categories that looked at openness.

7. Barcelona

Barcelona was seventh in the overall ranking. Image by Nikada/Getty Images

Barcelona received a nearly perfect score for its selection of exciting festivals throughout the year, while its health ranking and tourism scores were also high.

8. New York City

New York was the only US city to make it into the top ten ranking. Image by Tony Shi Photography/Getty Images

The Big Apple earned a perfect score in the startup category, as well as scoring high its festivals and nightlife.

The full list of 110 ranked cities is available now at the official Nestpick website.

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The best cities for millennials to live in 2018 have been revealed
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