Test-drive this new digital romad programme in Valencia for a month

If you have ever fantasised about taking some time away to live abroad, but need to keep your own work flow going, a new company is offering an opportunity that might appeal to you. Start-up company,  Digital Roamads, is launching its first trip to the Spanish city of Valencia in April 2018. It is searching for participants who want to live and explore a new culture and city for a month, are passionate about travel, and are seeking to expand their social and professional networks.

A new company will set you up to live and work in Valencia for a month. Image: Shutterstock

Canadians Marnie Gontovnick and Jesse Morein are the co-founders of the company, which curates trips of 15 to 30 young professionals from different backgrounds and sets them up with all the essentials to live and work comfortably abroad for one month at a time. They are both passionate about travel and Marnie has visited and led several trips to over 30 countries, while Jesse has led groups of over 40 participants through many destinations across the USA and Europe. They’re offering this trip at cost price, and in return, are looking for ongoing feedback throughout the program.

A new start-up wants to help people to live and work abroad for a month. Image: EyesWideOpen/Getty Images

“The program is designed to make travel easy and effortless for our participants,” Marnie tells Lonely Planet News. “In order for them to stay focused on their career, we arrange everything from accommodation to social and networking events. All they have to do is book their flight and pack their bags. We pick them up from the airport, arrange the modern and fully-furnished apartment, and ensure a flawless set-up that eases them into the new city. Plus, they get to work along side other remote workers, which will help them create a routine for their new European remote lifestyle.”

Digital Roamads will help you live and work abroad for a month. Image by Geber86/Getty Images

The company is offering guaranteed wi-fi, cool people to travel with and a foundation that will help participants balance their work-life-adventure lifestyle. With their combined experience, Marnie and Jesse know what it takes to build a community on-the-go. While destinations, modern accommodation and quality shared workspaces are all important, their knowledge of the value added by travelling as a group gives them an edge, they say.

A new company enables people to live and work abroad for a time: Image: @travelinfoolv

“This platform allows these young professionals to experience the benefits of travel without having to put their careers on hold,” says Marnie. “It will give them a chance to immerse themselves into different cultures, expand their network and experience living abroad with other like-minded, travel-driven awesome people. I hate when I hear people say they will start travelling later in life when they retire. Life is too short to wait, so we’ve built a platform that allows people to live instead of dream.”

For further information, check out Digital Roamads here.

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Test-drive this new digital romad programme in Valencia for a month
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