If you are really looking to get away from it all – including hotel staff – then Germany’s Hotel Buddy may be an option for you.

Hotel Buddy in Germany has no front desk staff.

Hotel Buddy in Germany has no front desk staff. Image by Hotel Buddy

The new hotel won’t employ any staff to help guests with checking in. According to a press release, the Munich hotel allows the guest to book their room, check in and out, and pay from their mobile phones, using a ‘cloud-based hotel management platform’.

This will apparently help keep prices at the downtown-Munich hotel low – with the hotel gearing itself towards tech-savvy millennials looking for affordable accommodation.

The hotel has 75 rooms in a large office complex. Guests can check in early online and receive instructions on how to check-in. They just sign in on a tablet at the kiosk when they arrive, which is then saved with their reservation. After that, they get their key card from a machine, which, when inserted into the elevator will bring the guest to the correct floor.

The concept is similar to checking into a flight online, removing the fuss and a need to stand in line, according to Hetras, the company that provides the software.