Take a break from the frenzy of London at a pop-up nap spot

Running around a bustling city like London can wear a traveller out – and if it’s hours until your flight, or ages until you can check into accommodation, you may find yourself nodding off on the Tube or in the lobby of the Tate Modern. Thankfully, new pop-up private nap pods will give weary travellers a place to stop for a rest in the centre of the city.

Taking a nap in London will get easier with napping pods. Image by David Oliver/Getty Images

Pop & Rest is a new spot where guests can book a place to “nap, meditate and shower” and generally take a break from the hustle and bustle. Anyone in need a place to relax can book a private space for 30 minutes to two hours by sending an email to the pop-up. They will receive a confirmation and when the guest arrives to check-in, a receptionist will bring them in and set them up with a room to rest in, with showers available for anyone who wants to freshen up after.

There are four sleep-pods available at the location in Central London, just a few minutes’ walk from Monument station and London Bridge. The service costs £9 per 30 minutes, so hopefully you’re a good power-napper.

With the hectic nature of modern life, making time to get a bit of rest is becoming more and more difficult. But many cities are catching on to the need for people to get a bit of shut-eye. In Spain, where the need for a midday siesta is ubiquitous, a new centre called Siesta & Go in Madrid has opened, allowing visitors to get their much-needed rest. Similar services are available around the world in places like Japan and Belgium.

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Take a break from the frenzy of London at a pop-up nap spot
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