Supersense in Vienna is home to a selection of weird and wonderful experiences

Supersense is a Viennese cafe, concept store and cave-of-wonders to enjoy slowly. Picking through the treasure trove of forgotten technology, you’ll find free-to-use typewriters, ‘mechanical flipbooks’ that convert digital videos into wind-up photobooks and an array of Polaroid photography tools & film. More than just a store,  

The rekord elevator in Supersense, Vienna. Image by Carly Hulls

There’s the vintage ‘Rekord Elevator’- a refurbished Jugenstil-era elevator, which uses 1940’s Voice-O-Graph technology to record your voice for 90 seconds and produce a vinyl single. There’s the ‘smell memory kits’ from Sissel Tolaas, who has built a fragrance library from years of study as a scent expert. You can bottle your memories and save a particularly pungent scent to remind you of good times gone by. There’s the living room recording studio, where artists such as Gregory Porter and Kandace Springs have performed live and recorded straight to vinyl.

Der Beste Doge at Supersense. Image by Carly Hulls

And now, for a limited time over the Christmas period, Supersense is throwing food into the mix. Analog enthusiasts can pair their Polaroids with a pop-up restaurant serving delicacies from head chef Mathias Zykan. ‘Der Beste Doge’ restaurant is operating from the small kitchen of Supersense until 24 December and can be booked for groups of 20 to eat in the ‘all analogue treasure room’. Here the chef will serve direct to your table, surrounded by 1980s keyboards, boom boxes and recording equipment.

Why this love of the analogue? We let the founders themselves explain, “in a more and more digital world we adore everything analogue – things that you can touch, feel, smell, hold in your hands and use, as well as an understanding that comes quickly upon some closer examination. We want to be a place where ideas, dreams, visions and creativity can be expressed through analogue media…(so when you leave you) feel like a human being that experienced something with all senses”.

Der Beste Doge Popup restaurant is open until 22 December, with lunch menus available and dinner from 7pm. Reservations possible via email.

Supersense cafe & store open Tuesday – Friday 09:30 – 19:00, and Saturdays 10:00 – 17:00.

By Carly Hulls

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Supersense in Vienna is home to a selection of weird and wonderful experiences
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