Step inside a vibrant pavilion built from bamboo in Kuala Lumpur

A striking pavilion designed to host special events has been built in Kuala Lumpur that consists of 7000 pieces of bamboo rings with vibrant, colourful accents.

The bamboo pavilion in Kuala Lumpur.
The bamboo pavilion in Kuala Lumpur. Image by Pixelaw

Specially created for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme in order to host a number of events during the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumper last February, the pavilion was designed and built in just four weeks by architect Eleena Jamil and her team. The project also aimed to raise awareness of the availability of sustainable materials when it comes to construction and proved to be an immediate hit with visitors.

The pavilion was designed and built in just four weeks. Image by Pixelaw

“The structure was assembled on the site in full view of the public. Many people stopped to say hi and asked us what we were doing and said how exciting it was to see a bamboo structure being build. Many came by the site every day to see the progress until it was completed. Visitors seemed to love it, with people posing and taking photographs with the pavilion,” Eleena told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Eleena said that passers-by were transfixed by the process of watching the pavilion being built. Image by Pixelaw

The rectangular structure’s walls are covered with 7000 bamboo rings leftover from other projects, some of which are fixed with coloured panels that were designed to allow visitors to make pledges for a better city during the forum by writing their ideas on the rings. The semi-translucent panels allow some light to filter in from outside, similar to stained glass windows and illuminate the space in an interesting play of colours.

The bamboo pavilion has the ability to host different events and is due to be unveiled at a new permanent location in the next few weeks. Image by Pixelaw

Although the forum is over, the pavilion proved to be so popular with visitors that it is in the process of being moved from its spot at an open square next to Klang River to a permanent location which is due to be announced in the coming weeks. Custom-designed bamboo stools made from short poles tied together with rattan strings are placed inside and outside the pavilion, allowing visitors to sit and enjoy the space.

More of Eleena’s work is available at her official website.

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Step inside a vibrant pavilion built from bamboo in Kuala Lumpur
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