Smog vacuum arrives in Krakow’s Jordana Park for clean air initiative

Studio Roosegaarde, a Dutch social design lab started by artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde, has launched a Smog Free Project which has made its way to Krakow. Pop down to Jordana Park to see Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Tower, a ‘vacuum cleaner’ which can suck up smog particles in the surrounding air.

Smog free vacuum
The Smog Free Tower in Krakow’s Jordana Park. Photo by: Studio Roosegaarde

The smog vacuum is part of an initiative to create clean air in public spaces, and cleans as much as 30,000m³ air per hour, yet uses “no more electricity than a water boiler”. Daan Roosegaarde’s project aims to combine technology with art. He told Lonely Planet News: “It’s not about buying another Rolex watch or a new car, that’s boring old luxury. The new premium is clean air – it’s great and it’s why this is here. You don’t have to buy a ticket, it’s for everyone.”

Smog vacuum tower by night
The Smog Free Tower at night. Photo by: Studio Roosegaarde

Clean air is not the only feature of this 23-foot tower. Once collected and compressed, the smog particles are then turned into jewellery, like the smog-free ring also created by the studio. These rings equate to 1000m³ of clean air, and you can order them from their website. Some couples have even used these environmental symbols as wedding rings!

Smog vacuum tower in Krakow
Smog Free Tower in the snow. Photo by: Studio Roosegaarde

The engineerings of the tower are backed up by Eindhoven University of Technology and has so far had successful trips in the Netherlands and China. You’ll find the tower in public spaces and parks as a way for families to enjoy clean air in an open environment. Krakowians can now enjoy air at Jordana Park that is 55-75% cleaner than the rest of the city.

If you’re in Krakow, head down to Jordana Park to see the impressive installation. All going well, we will soon see the tower in many more parks and cities across the world.

By: Amy Hornsby

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Smog vacuum arrives in Krakow’s Jordana Park for clean air initiative
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