Seniors are embracing adventure travel like never before

Senior travellers are no longer contenting themselves with traditional beachfront destinations but are more and more starting to embrace adventure holidays. A major new survey of senior tourists in the USA shows that our adventurous streak no longer disappears as soon as we turn sixty.

Seniors are taking more adventurous holidays. Image by Steve Smith/Getty Images

In fact, a whole host of far-flung destinations broke into the top twenty travel choices this spring including Thailand, Vietnam, and Peru. Traditional vacation spots are however, still proving very popular with Cancun in Mexico and its famous resorts still the most popular international choice. Tel Aviv in Israel came a surprising second place, followed by the Thai capital Bangkok. The research by OneTravel found that Europe was a very popular international choice with seven major cities on the continent making the top twenty.

The popularity of adventure travel is growing for the over 60s. Image by Andersen Ross/Getty Images

That included familiar names like Barcelona, Rome, and London along with the Irish capital Dublin, which is a particularly popular spring choice because of St Patrick’s Day. They also found that flights across the Atlantic had dropped significantly over the past year. Flights to Paris for instance were 19% cheaper than in 2017, Dublin was 14% cheaper and a trip to Rome cost 12% less. Mexico however, remained the single most popular destination with five cities in the top twenty: Cancun, Mexico City itself, Puerto Vallarta, San Jose del Cabo, and Guadalajara.

Domestically, the top ten was a familiar story with no less than three cities in Florida cracking the top ten as snowbirds flee the wintry north for the sunny southern states. Orlando was the top choice, followed by New York, and then Las Vegas. Average airfares for all those destinations were almost exactly the same, ranging between $265 (€214) and $276 (€222).

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Top ten international destinations with average airfare

1/ Cancun, Mexico – $443

2/ Tel Aviv, Israel – $1034

3/ Bangkok, Thailand – $826

4/ Barcelona, Spain – $703

5/ London, England – $748

6/ Toronto, Canada – $276

7/ Mexico City – $357

8/ Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – $470

9/ San Jose del Cabo, Mexico – $452

10/ Dublin, Ireland – $741

Top ten US destinations with average airfare

1/ Orlando – $276

2/ New York – $265

3/ Las Vegas – $276

4/ Fort Lauderdale – $265

5/ Houston – $289

6/ Phoenix – $330

7/ Chicago – $240

8/ Tampa – $288

9/ Washington DC – $268

10/ Los Angeles – $271

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Seniors are embracing adventure travel like never before
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