Second generation van traveller describes life on the road

Meet the second generation van lifer who was inspired to live and travel this way after growing up in a van. These images show Georges Vernier (22) from Lille, France, with his family in their van throughout different stages of his childhood.

George is a second-generation van traveller
Georges and family in their van. Image by Georges Vernier/

Other images show Georges on his travels now in his own van, enjoying the water on a small raft and admiring the view from a high cliff. Georges explained his parents’ love of travel and his childhood journeys through Europe during the 90s and early 00s. “My parents were actually travelling in a van before we were born,” he said. “When my sister was born they just kept going and when I was born they had to change to a new van. Then my brother was born and in 2004 we were getting too big so we changed for another van that we have had ever since.”

Georges has been travelling Europe in vans for many years
Georges is a second-generation van traveller. Photo by: Georges Vernier/

“We mostly travelled all around Europe but we were most likely going to the Mediterranean countries because of the absolute beauty of those countries, how nice the people were and the easy access to sea and water.”

Georges is travelling in India at the moment but doesn’t have his van with him. He is using a £10 bicycle instead to cross the Rajasthan desert over the next few weeks. He outlined how you have to be creative with your transport to explore everywhere you want to and explained what van life means to him. “You just have to be creative in the way you are travelling and no matter which car/van/bike/ shoes you use to move you will live the true travel experience,” he added.

The Verniers in their van
George’s family have been travelling Europe in vans for many years for many years. Photo by: Georges Vernier /

“Van life is not what pictures of Instagram pages are trying to show you. Most of the time we are going against the laws as sleeping inside cars is illegal in most countries and even more inside some national parks or protected areas. The van life is hard and you will spend a lot of time looking for places to sleep sometimes worried about getting asked to move.


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Second generation van traveller describes life on the road
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