Sausage dog walks: the new way to meet fellow dachshund lovers in London

If you own a plucky dachshund, then chances are you have at some stage seen or been to the many sausage-related events across the world. Most recently, dog lovers were able to attend a “sausage walk” in Greenwich Park, London.

“Sausage Walk London is an informal walk that we organise via social media,” one of its founders Grace Ang-Lygate told Lonely Planet News.

“Walks take place three or four times a year in Greenwich park and are always followed by a pub trip, making them not only fun for the doggies, but also a social experience for the owners. Plenty of dog walks take place but Sausage Walk London tends to be bigger thanks to our social media reach.”

The walks were founded by Grace Ang-Lygate, Catherine Hennigan, and Katherine Sofuluke. They own the Instagram-famous sausage power couple Mildred the Sausage and George the Sausage.

A dachshund enjoying his park walk. Image by Getty

“Catherine and I are a couple and we own Mildred,” says Grace. “Mildred is nearly 2 and we live in Greenwich. We met Katherine, the other walk co-founder, via Instagram and clicked instantly so forced our dogs to be ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’.”

There have been just two informal walks so far with over 100 sausage dogs in attendance.

“We’d have had double that at the last one [in December 2017] if it weren’t for the snow!” says Grace. “Other breeds of dog are ok [to] make an appearance if they have a sausage dog sibling, but otherwise we restrict it because sausage dogs can be territorial, especially en masse, and prefer their own breed!”

This casual event is somewhat similar to Marsz Jamników (March of the Dachshunds) in Poland, that’s going into its 24th year. Marsz Jamników on a much larger scale sees dachshunds dressed as kings, queens, dragons, and pop-culture references, parading from the Barbican to the Main Square with a band belting out in celebration.

You can see all of the updates from the London walks via the hashtag #sausagewalklondon on Instagram. The next one is to take place on 18 March 2018, in Greenwich Park.

Images courtesy of Mildred the Sausage.

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Sausage dog walks: the new way to meet fellow dachshund lovers in London
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