Rent the French castle where Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas celebrated their second wedding

After their surprise and small wedding in Las Vegas, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas just had another, much bigger but still surprise second wedding in Provence , since it was announced on Thursday 4 July through the couple’s Instagram accounts.

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While it’s not sure when exactly the wedding took place, the where is pretty clear. The Queen in the North and Jonas Brothers’ lead singer had been staying in the beautiful Château de Tourreau for a while while they toured the nearby village of Sarrians and the surrounding Provencal countryside.

Sophie and Joe stayed at the 18th-century Château de Tourreau in Provence. Photo courtesy of Airbnb Luxe

The Château was built between 1750 and 1770, and it makes for quite a breathtaking sight with its mint green accents and perfectly-kept lawns. The property features nine suites, as well as a main salon, a dining and billiard rooms, a library (since this is France, it might look like something out of Beauty and the Beast), as well as an outdoor patio and a pool. Everything is decorated with careful woodwork and gilded mirrors, as well as typical Provencal art. There’s also a chapel on the Château’s 20-acre grounds, which would be the ideal spot for a star-studded wedding ceremony.

The Château is decorated with Provencal art throughout its suites and salons. Photo courtesy of Airbnb Luxe

And if you’d like to live a weekend like Sophie and Joe, you’ll be happy to know that the Château is available to rent through Airbnb’s new service, Airbnb Luxe. It’s a smaller section of the Airbnb platform dedicated exclusively to luxury listings, carefully handpicked everywhere around the world and evaluated by Airbnb experts to make sure they’re up to standards. The Château de Tourreau is available for rent at around $6800 per night.

Airbnb Luxe is the new Airbnb service, featuring a “trip designer” to cater to the guests’ every need and help them plan the perfect stay. Photo courtesy of Airbnb Luxe

Before retiring to Provence to explore lavender fields and say their second “I do,” the couple was spotted in Paris, where they were joined by Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, who tied the knot last year in Jodhpur, India, in a double Christian and Hindu ceremony.

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Rent the French castle where Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas celebrated their second wedding
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