Our most read stories on Lonely Planet Travel News in 2017

With exciting developments happening every day in the world of travel, you never know what new stories you’re going to find on Lonely Planet Travel News. There were some amazing stories this year but these are the ten that captured your imagination and sparked your wanderlust the most.

1. See the blooming mystical lavender labyrinth in Michigan

Cherry Point Farm in Oceana County, Michigan. Image by Cherry Point Farm / mediadrumworld.com

Said to contain spiritual powers, this amazing creation is in an ancient spiral pattern and is only fully in bloom in June and July.

2. Alan Cumming’s new venue combines debauchery and knitting in NYC

If you ever needed proof the ‘stitch and bitch’ is here to stay, it’s in the incredible interest in Alan Cumming’s intriguing New York club.

3. Buffalo’s new Hotel Henry opens in abandoned asylum

Former asylum becomes Buffalo's latest hotel
Hotel Henry built on the site of a Buffalo asylum. Image by Joe Cascio

New hotels are always popping up but none of them excited out readers as much as the prospect of staying the night in an abandoned asylum. Will they be brave enough to follow through?

4. An Instagram account dedicated solely to nude Aussies is garnering serious attention online

Nudist travel has been somewhat in fashion this year and, if this Instagram is to be believed, Australians are leading the way in this cheeky trend.

5. A Harry Potter-themed cafe is open in Singapore that serves Goblets of Fire

Will Harry Potter ever go out fashion? With a play, new movie franchise and themed cafes like this popping up, the fascination with JK Rowling’s world isn’t going away anytime soon.

6. These are the fastest-rising destinations in Asia

Ski resorts may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Asia but maybe it should be as these up-and-coming destinations prove.

7. An Australian company has invented a sand-free towel

It’s been a problem for beach lovers since forever and now this ingenious, yet simple, solution will keep the sand where it belongs.

8. See Krakow’s celebration of sausage dogs

All hail the winner. Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

If you missed this fantastic celebration of all things sausage dog, don’t worry. It’s an annual event taking place in the Polish city every year.

9. This woman is travelling the world with her dog in a van she customised for the trip

2017 was most definitely the year of ‘van life’ but there can only be one winner in this battle and that’s when you have a cute dog in tow.

10. The first Japanese cherry blossom forecast of 2017 has been released

Fuji and Cherry Blossom on lake Kawaguchiko. Image by ©apinunrin/Getty Images

Every year thousands of people flock to Japan to see the iconic, yet brief, cherry blossom bloom so it’s important to get the dates right.

With 2017 wrapping up, now the big question is; what will we be reading in 2018?

What news stories will inspire you in 2018? Photo by praetorianphoto

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Our most read stories on Lonely Planet Travel News in 2017
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