No more boarding passes? British Airways becomes first to trial biometric boarding gates from the US

Technology has come a long way! In conjunction with Los Angeles Airport, British Airways has become the first airline to trial self-service biometric boarding gates on flights out of the USA. The airline hopes to transform customers’ experience by reducing the time it takes to board an aircraft.

The technology is currently on trial at LAX. Image by British Airways/Vision-Box

Created by Vision-Box, a multinational technology company headquartered in Lisbon, the new passenger solution allows travellers to board simply by looking into a high-resolution face capture system.

There will be no need to present travel documents or boarding passes anymore. The technology provides a live, high-quality image of the traveller’s unique biometric facial traits for US Customs and Border Protection to match against their digital file at initial immigration process.

The high-tech scanners will hopefully reduce boarding time. Image by British Airways/Vision-Box

After verifying the identity of the passenger, the gateway opens and the traveller can board. This new initiative builds on technology that’s already in use by British Airways on its domestic flights from Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

“Our customers want the ability to simplify and speed up their journeys through the airport, so we’re investing in the most advanced technology that will enable us to streamline our boarding process and further improve our punctuality,” said Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ director of brand and customer experience.

“We’re using biometric technology that consumers are now familiar with and trust because it delivers a convenient, reliable and secure experience. This step forward to modernise our operation is a first in the industry, and we will continue to work with airports around the world to evolve this technology, and revolutionise the way in which people travel.”

The new contactless platform has been installed on three stands of Tom Bradley International Terminal and according to British Airways, the trial will run until February 2018.

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No more boarding passes? British Airways becomes first to trial biometric boarding gates from the US
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