For anyone in Australia who just can’t tough out a hangover, a new clinic has a quick cure for what ails you.

Beer flights and pints.

Beer flights and pints. Image by Lauren Topor / CC BY 2.0

The Hangover Clinic in Sydney claims it can put an end that pounding headache and nauseous feeling in just half an hour.

However, putting that hangover behind you won’t come cheap – it’ll cost Aus$140 to get an IV drip, vitamins and your choice of a painkiller or anti-nausea medication. If that’s not enough to undo the damage from the night before, a $200 and two-hour cure – called the Resurrection – comes with two litres of IV hydration, vitamins, oxygen treatment, headache and anti-nausea medication and antioxidants, according to their website. If you and your friends are all too hungover to make it to brunch, you can head in together for a group session in the VIP lounge. The clinic is open from Thursday to Monday from 6 am to 2 pm.

If you’re abstaining from booze but travelling too much, the clinic also has an option that will help cure jetlag or any other “life hangovers”. The $160 solution includes 1.5 litres of IV hydration and vitamins B and C in case getting a good night’s sleep is not an option. The clinic has also thought ahead for Christmas, adding a gift certificate option to their website for friends who love to have fun.

But the response has not all been positive, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, health officials in Australia have said the clinic can encourage binge-drinking. However, the clinic’s co-founder said they do not encourage drinking, but provide a remedy for those who need it. Such services are already offered in New York, Las Vegas, London and more.

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