Milan still at the forefront of fashion with a designer boutique for dogs

There is probably no city in the world more associated with fashion than Milan. Now, Italy’s second city is branching out into haute couture of a different kind … this time for doggies.

Take your dog to Milan for a taste of fashion. Image by Temellini Milano Dog-A-Porter

The city’s first designer boutique for man (and woman’s best friend) – Temellini Dog-A-Porter – has opened in the Brera district of Milan. Founder Giovanna Temellini explained the inspiration behind her canine couture: “almost a year ago, my daughter Ilaria came to me and complained that her dog Willy’s ears got wet every time it rained.

Dry ears – fashionable and practical. Image by Temellini Milano Dog-A-Porter

“The next day, one of my assistants came with the first hooded coat,” she told Lonely Planet. “We laughed a lot; it was very cute, but immediately after, I got the idea to create a canine clothing line that could be tailored to fit each individual dog client. And the Dog-A-Porter collection sprung from this first hooded coat.”

You can even buy matching outfits. Image by Temellini Milano Dog-A-Porter

The boutique lets both owner and dog wear matching outfits from a wide range of styles including boucle wool and lurex bombers, trench coats, cashmere knitted sweaters, redingote Sherlock Holmes style coats, and more. The canine versions are all made from the exact same materials and with the same attention to detail by the shop’s tailor. The tailor works with a special doggequin – a tailor-made dog mannequin – to make sure everything is just right for the pet pooch.

The tailor uses the same fabrics for the dogs and their human friends. Image by Temellini Milano Dog-A-Porter

Outfits are available for all sorts of dogs – of any size and colour, and whether long or short-haired. Each one is designed with a distinctly Milanese look, described by Giovanna Temellini as “modern elegance yet essential but sophisticated”. The shop can be found in one of Milan’s trendiest areas Brera, where visitors can also pop in to see the legendary art collection of the Pinacoteca di Brera.

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Milan still at the forefront of fashion with a designer boutique for dogs
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