Medicinal vegan bar and café opens in London to help your hangover

The news that a medicinal vegan bar and café has opened in London will delight those who are fans of ingredients with healing and uplifting qualities. It is also likely to appeal to those in need of an injection of good nutrition during the madness of party season. Rehab is based in Hackney, and it says it concentrates on providing food that is unique, homemade and crafted with conscience.

Rehab, London’s first medicinal vegan bar, has opened in Hackney. Image by Rehab Hackney

They do things a little differently at Rehab, so you can expect to find mushrooms in hot chocolate and beetroot in lattes.”From start to finish, everything is thought out and we do our best to combine foods that help one another as carriers,” the restaurant says. “All of our meals are vegan, plant-based and have added superfoods. Everything is free from refined sugar and dairy. We use alkalising bases for our dressings and all of our spreads are made in-house. We use fermented ingredients to provide healthy gut bacteria, to help absorb the nutrients.”

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Happily, even though the restaurant is serious about providing nutritious food and drink, it’s also keen on customers enjoying themselves. It isn’t dogmatic about living healthily and says it incorporates a sense of acceptance, community and fun. Its drinks list includes craft beer, organic wine and medicinal cocktails, such as espresso martinis infused with MCT oil for its wealth of health benefits. There is also a range of morning tonics made with a stimulating combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals, taken to boost vitality and well-being.

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And if you overdo it during the party season, don’t feel too bad about having a hangover and take yourself to Rehab for help. “We’re here to set you straight in the morning,” the restaurant says. “We’re serious about providing healthy food and drink, but we’re also serious about enjoying life.”

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Check out Rehab Hackney’s website here.

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Medicinal vegan bar and café opens in London to help your hangover
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