Few people are lucky enough to win one million dollars (£655,000) on the lottery but one Massachusetts woman has now done it twice.

US woman wins lottery again!

US woman wins lottery again! Image by 401(K) 2012 / CC BY-SA 2.0

Constance Carpenito, of Stoneham, recently won a one million dollar prize on a scratch ticket in the ten million dollar (£6.55 million) Diamond Millionaire instant game. Ms Carpenito also won one million dollars on a scratch ticket back in 1996, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Lottery said.

Both tickets were purchased at the same Stop & Shop supermarket on Main Street in her home town. If that was not enough, she also once bought a 20,000 dollar (£13,000) winning ticket at the shop. Ms Carpenito says she spends 20 dollars (£13) on lottery tickets every week. She plans to put her most recent winnings towards a very special Christmas for her family.

(Press Association)