London’s newest high end restaurant is a feast for the eyes

Good news for Londoner’s looking to sample authentic Cantonese cuisine, as Duddell’s, the world-famous, Michelin-starred Hong Kong eatery has just opened a brand new location in the heart of London Bridge.

Duddell's London is located inside a Grade II-listed building in Tower Bridge.
Duddell’s London is located inside a Grade II-listed building in London Bridge. Image by John Carey

With the original having been founded in 2013, the new opening marks the first time the Duddell’s brand has ventured outside of Hong Kong. Set in the historic St. Thomas Church, near Borough Market and The Shard, the restaurant aims to showcase modern interpretations of Cantonese dishes alongside hand-crafted dim sum and Asian-inspired cocktails. The menu follows the founding principles of Cantonese cuisine, which sees produce being either steamed or stir fried with special emphasis on the creation of bold flavours. In order to prepare for the opening of the London branch, Head Chef Daren Liew spent time in Duddell’s Hong Kong, learning how they prepare signature dishes such as the “Dim Sum Symphony”, while brand new menu items have also been created that are exclusive to the London restaurant.

Dim Sum Symphony from Duddell's London.
Dim Sum Symphony from Duddell’s London. Image by John Carey

“People have previously grouped Chinese food into one basket, one that doesn’t truly represent Cantonese food. We want to showcase how clean and refined Cantonese food can be by utilising the finest ingredients and transforming them through simple techniques,” Head Chef Daren Liew told Lonely Planet Travel news. Small bites at Duddell’s London include spicy almond soft shell crab, X.O beef shin with sea vegetables and smoked black angus rubs with red wine soy and baby peach. In true Cantonese style, the restaurant offers Peking duck as one of its specialities, with the duck being carved tableside and served with a selection of different condiments and toppings.

Duddell's is set inside the historic St. Thomas Church.
Duddell’s is set inside the historic St. Thomas Church. Image by John Carey

Designed by Michaelis Boyd, the restaurant space was planned out in order to maximise the use of daylight while also making the most of the heritage elements of the Grade II-listed building. An example of Queen Anne architecture, the building was finished using modern materials and techniques, while many of the original features have been left in situ, such as an altar that sits on the ground floor. Other elements include an open dim sum kitchen and a bar that features a green-tiled front, terrazzo worktop and brass shelves to recreate a retro feel of the 1960’s Hong Kong “tea restaurant”.

Cantonese abalone rice pot at Duddell's London.
Cantonese abalone rice pot at Duddell’s London. Image by John Carey

In addition to the 56 seats on the ground floor, a mezzanine level offers a semi-private dining space overlooking the restaurant, with a capacity of 44 covers.

More information on visiting Duddell’s London is available at the official website.

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London’s newest high end restaurant is a feast for the eyes
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