Live like Harry and Meghan in one of Airbnb’s most wish-listed castles

Does Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming royal wedding have you dreaming of your own castle? Making that dream a reality is easier than you might think – at least for a night or two.

Stay in a castle in Cumbria. Image by Airbnb

There are plenty of castles available on Airbnb, with the rental site reporting that there’s been a 43% increase in listings with the term “royal” in the title since last year. That could be designed to pique the interested of people looking to create their own royal getaway, which is why Airbnb compiled the top 10 most “wish-listed” castles on the platform.

Get away to this castle in Edinburgh. Image by Airbnb

Perhaps it’s not surprising that the land of the most-talked about royals also has tied for the most castles in the top 10, with three UK spots making the list. That includes a castle in Cumbria with 17 grand rooms, a historic Scottish castle from 1550, and another Scottish spot only an hour from Edinburgh. Across the Irish Sea, travellers can head to Galway to check out one of the most popular castles on the site. Cahercastle was built sometime in the 1400s, so guests can expect all the quirks that come with such an old building.

This gorgeous castle in the Loire Valley can be rented. Image by Airbnb

But there was another country that is as popular with castle-seekers as the UK; Italy, and in particular, Tuscany, has three castles in the top 10. In Tuscany, guests can spend the night in a small old tower, or an extravagant Borgia Castle, or the gorgeous Castello di San Fabiano. Italy’s north-western neighbour of France was also in the running with two castles in the top 10. One gorgeous castle in the Loire Valley features a huge swimming pool, while another is located in a 16-hectare vineyard near Bordeaux.

Visit a storybook castle in New England. Image by Airbnb

If you’re looking for a bit of that fairy tale charm in the US, there’s one listing that made the cut. A storybook castle in Connecticut, which was built in 1917, has been refurbished by an artist and includes themed bedrooms like the jungle room and the Romeo and Juliet room.

So even if you didn’t get an invite to the royal wedding, you can still get your night in a fancy castle. Or, you could book your own holiday to one of the destinations that have been speculated for Harry and Meghan’s honeymoon.

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Live like Harry and Meghan in one of Airbnb’s most wish-listed castles
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