Lion shot after killing its zookeeper.

Lion shot after killing its zookeeper. Image by Alias 0591 / CC BY 2.0

A lion was shot to death at a zoo in China after it killed a zookeeper and escaped from its enclosure. A zookeeper at the Tai’an Tiger Mountain Park in Shandong province was cleaning the lion’s enclosure on Sunday when the lion attacked him, biting him on the neck and shoulders. The zookeeper died later from the injuries. The lion escaped its enclosure and was loose in the zoo, forcing officials to close the park for several hours. Once located, the lion was shot to death, with reports that several shots were fired. It was unclear how the lion had escaped the enclosure, and some Chinese netizens questioned the conditions of the zoo, while others said it was necessary for the animal to be put down after it had killed a person. Read more: