It’s a dog’s life, but for yellow labrador Baylor, that’s a good thing. Baylor is the travelling pooch who has travelled across North America with his owner Mallory Paige. His adventures have been documented on Mallory’s Instagram under the hashtag #OperationMotoDog.

#OperationMotoDog travelled to Alaska

#OperationMotoDog travelled to Alaska Image by MalloryDangerPaige/Instagram

The ten year-old yellow labrador loves to travel along with his free-spirited owner in his side-car, complete with goggles and seat belt. The project began in June 2015 and the pair have been on the road for 200 days and have visited 15 different states in that time, from the southern state of Florida to as far North as Alaska.

A little role-reversal

A little role-reversal Image by MalloryDangerPaige/Instagram

The pair travel together staying in campsites and support their adventure through Mallory’s freelance writing and her blog Operation Moto Dog. Mallory adopted the labrador when he was nine weeks old, and Baylor has always been up for travels and journeys.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Mallory said that in spite of the fact that Baylor loves travelling, she practiced sitting him in the sidecar before they took off on the journey. “Just days before we left for Alaska, I still wasn’t sure if the adventure would happen, ” Mallory says. “But on our first test ride, Baylor jumped in excitedly and then just laid down completely nonchalantly and that’s when I knew Operation Moto Dog would really happen. From the beginning I started a routine,” she says. “He gets the load up command, then his harness goes on and his goggles, and then I give him a treat. All of that signifies to Baylor that we’re ready to ride and he’s not allowed out of the sidecar until given the okay command.”

Baylor and Mallory are best friends, and have travelled the span of North America

Baylor and Mallory are best friends, and have travelled the span of North America Image by MalloryDangerPaige/Instagram

Mallory admits there are some difficulties that come with travelling with a pet. Not all campsites allow dogs, and similarly the pair sometimes have difficulty finding restaurants, cafes, and beach resorts that will allow Baylor in. But it hasn’t held them back. “His company is 100% worth all the challenges. He’s always there for me, ready for an adventure, Mallory told the Mail. “The reaction Baylor receives is really one of the best parts about travelling on the motorcycle-sidecar. Between his grin and the goggles, people are constantly waving, smiling and laughing when they see us on the road.”

Baylor in Florida

Baylor in Florida Image by MalloryDangerPaige/Instagram

During his 200 days on the road Baylor has done everything from stand up paddle-boarding, to mountain hiking in Colorado, and living the beach life. Earlier this week he turned eleven, and Mallory posted on Instagram: “We had a bestie-worthy celebration complete with banana peanut butter cake, party-hat-wearing doggy guests, festive decor and oh so many giggles. Can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans, memories and adventures this new year serves up.”

Where are they now? Florida folk keep your peepers peeled for a dog in a sidecar!

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