Italy’s newest three-Michelin-star restaurant is in this tiny mountain retreat

A small 11-table restaurant located in an Italian ski village has just been awarded three Michelin stars. St. Hubertus in The Dolomites joins the ranks of eight other Italian restaurants that have gained the coveted third star. This is the ultimate accolade given in the guides produced by the French tyre company to restaurants that offer “exceptional cuisine” and are “worth a special journey.”

St. Hubertus restaurant has just been awarded three Michelin stars. Image by Restaurant St Hubertus

St. Hubertus is located at the Rosa Alpina hotel in the village of San Cassiano, and it has been run for the past two decades by Norbert Niederkofler. The chef is from South Tyrol, where he developed a love of home cooking using local quality products. Having trained and worked in Germany, Switzerland, the US and Austria, Niederkofler joined the the Rosa Alpina in 1994. He opened St. Hubertus in 1996, and it was originally located in a small section of the hotel’s pizzeria.

It received its first Michelin star in 2000, and the pizzeria closed and the restaurant expanded the following year. It now has nine tables in the dining room, one chef’s table with a view to the kitchen and a table at the open fireplace. The restaurant was awarded the second Michelin star in 2007, and the third this month, as announced in the Michelin Guide 2018.

The restaurant is open for dinner only during the summer and winter season, and Niederkofler’s philosophy is to use exclusively local ingredients and flavours. “My success is the result of clear ideas and goals, and the fact that I always question myself and try to remain humble,” he says. “Today, I earn my money by doing what I love doing, since my profession is my hobby and my philosophy of life.”

For further information on St. Hubertus, see here.

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Italy’s newest three-Michelin-star restaurant is in this tiny mountain retreat
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