It looks like the USA’s secret government airline are looking for flight attendants

How good are you at keeping secrets? If you’re a flight attendant and the answer is yes, you need to check out this job posting.

You’ll need strict government security clearance for this job. Photo by Tetra Images

At first glance the job posting seems quite standard. They’re looking for a flight attendant based in the Las Vegas area to perform all the usual attendant duties; demonstrating safety equipment, provide first aid and carry out some light cleaning. So far, so normal.

However, a glance over the other sections hint at something a little more unusual. Buried among the requirements for good communication skills and high school qualifications is the fact that you “must qualify for and maintain a top secret government security clearance and associated work location access.”

Another hint is on the listing itself. It doesn’t list an airline name but part of Aecom’s subsidiary business is defence contacts; they operate a highly classified fleet of aircraft name Janet. The United States Air Force use the fleet to carry military and contract personnel mainly out of Nevada and on to other classified locations.

The attendant will be serving flights out of Area 51 and other secret locations. Education Images/UIG

Janet has its own terminal at Las Vegas airport, serving the Nevada National Security Site and ordinary air passengers can spot the planes by their horizontal red stripe down the body of the aircraft. The site is famous for being home to Area 51 and the lesser known Tonopah Test Range which is currently used for nuclear weapons stockpile and testing.

The secretive nature of the airline fleet has given rise to the belief that Janet stands for ‘Just Another Non-Existent Terminal’ though it’s not clear whether it’s an acronym or just something air aficionados have made up.

It’s impossible to say exactly what this job will entail due to the layers of secrecy around even the very existence of this top-secret airline but it’s expected you will be flying to other military bases in California and Utah. And who knows? Maybe you can even find out whether all those UFO rumours about Area 51 are true. Just be sure you keep it to yourself if you want to keep your pay cheque.

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It looks like the USA’s secret government airline are looking for flight attendants
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