Is this bull’s eye cocktail the most shocking drink ever to grace a menu?

We have come across some weird and wonderful food offerings around the globe here at Lonely Planet, but the latest is definitely not for the squeamish. We’d hazard a guess that even the most adventurous foodie will be taken aback by the latest offering from a restaurant at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania – an ice-encased bull’s eyeball used as a garnish in its black margaritas.

Faro is using an ice-encased bull’s eyeball as a garnish in its black margaritas. Image: Faro/MONA

Available from the museum’s Faro restaurant, the bull’s eyeball is not meant to be consumed or even touch the customer’s lips. Those brave enough to buy the cocktail are encouraged to down the drink quickly before the sphere of ice encasing the eyeball melts. The restaurant seems to like to provoke – a bit like the museum itself – and proudly proclaims a “pig-slicing machine” as one of its features. Guests enter the restaurant through an underground elevator, and pass a series of artistic installations along the way to their table.

Faro has a pig-slicing machine in its restaurant. Image: Faro/MONA

The bull’s eye cocktail almost sounds as strange as the ‘sourtoe cocktail’ offered at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City in Canada’s Yukon Territory. A mummified human toe is a key ingredient in the hotel’s “sourtoe cocktail.” This is a drink – usually whiskey – with the toe floating in it. Travellers flock to the hotel to buy a tipple and have the toe dropped in as part of the ceremony. In order to be added to the “club,” drinkers must let the toe touch their lips and will receive an actual certificate for their efforts. The toe hit the headlines when it was stolen, although it was later returned to the hotel.

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After that, the bull’s eye cocktails sounds almost tame. Check out the restaurant details here on MONA’s website.

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Is this bull’s eye cocktail the most shocking drink ever to grace a menu?
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