The number of sexual offences reported on London’s public transport network is soaring. There were 34.7% more sexual offences reported on the network in 2014/15 than in 2013/14, Transport for London (TfL) said. But total crime on the network fell to a record low.

The London Underground has see attack on workers rise by 44% since 2009

Increase in sex attacks but overall crime down on London transport. Image by Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

TfL said there were 567 sexual offences reported on London Underground (LU) and on Docklands Light Railway (DLR) in 2014/15 compared with 429 in 2013/14.

The number of sexual offences on London Overground rose from 22 in 2013/14 to 45 in 2014/15, while there were 684 sexual offences on London’s buses in 2014/15 compared with 513 in 2013/14.

There were also 13 sexual offences on London Tramlink in 2014/15 compared with eight in 2013/14.

There were also increases in reported incidents of violence against the person, with LU/DLR cases rising from 2,077 in 2013/14 to 2,255 in 2014/15, while the number of incidents on buses rose from 4,893 in 2013/14 to 5,801 in 2014/15.

TfL said the rise in reported sexual offences could be attributed to TfL, British Transport Police (BTP) and the Metropolitan Police’s Project Guardian initiative.

TfL said the initiative “raised public awareness of unwanted sexual behaviour and encourages victims to report these historically under-reported crimes”.

Covering the 12 months ending this March, the figures showed:

:: There were 27,758 crimes on London’s public transport network – 8.3% fewer than in 2013/14;

:: The rate of crime fell from 7.7 crimes per million passengers in 2013/14 to 7 crimes/million in 2014/15;

:: Crime on buses was 5.7% down in 2014/15 compared to 2013/14, while LU/DLR crime fell 12.4%;

:: Crime on London Overground was 4.9% down, while London Tramlink crime fell 22.7%.

(Press Association)