Igloo experiences on offer in the snowy mountains of India

When we think igloos, we normally think of Greenland, the frozen Canadian north, and the Arctic Circle. Now guests travelling to the snowy mountains of India can enjoy a night spent tucked up in a bed beneath a roof of ice blocks.

Igloo at Manali
Experience the joys of living in an igloo – in India! Photo by: Keylinga Himalayan Adventures

Two igloos were built by Keylinga Himalayan Adventures after their owners spent a few too many chilly nights camping out in tents. “Staying in a tent is a bit cold when there is snow all over so one day with the help of friends we made a small igloo,” Tashi Dorje told Lonely Planet. “It was quite warm inside and did not melt for quite a long time after so we did lots of experiments on it, like how to build the right shape, checked its strength, and did a study of areas where we could find the best place to build [them]. Finally … we decided to give an igloo experience to tourists. In India, people from the plains are very much crazy for snow, and staying in an igloo is beyond their dreams.”

Guests at the igloo in Manali can enjoy the many adventure sports that are on offer in the region. It is one of the best-known places in India for skiing, and visitors can also enjoy sledding, snowboarding, tube sliding, and a whole range of other winter pursuits.

The igloos are available for booking but hopeful guests need to check the weather conditions in advance just in case the accommodation has melted.

Visitors skiing at Manali
Skiers at Manali. Photo by: Keylinga Himalayan Adventures

As Tashi Dorje explained: “[The deposit] is refundable in case there is no snow or no igloo built at that time. We are totally dependent on the snow, so we always advise guests to be flexible with their schedule in winter-time. Spending a night in an igloo is a different experience, close to nature and gives a real feel of the snowy winter of Manali. It’s a once in a lifetime,” he said.

For more information, you can visit Keylinga’s website.

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Igloo experiences on offer in the snowy mountains of India
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