Here’s how you can book a stay in a historic castle or tower in the UK

There’s a new opportunity for travellers to spend a night in an incredible historic tower or castle in the UK, but you’ll have to plan it in advance.

Clavell Tower is just one of the incredible properties that can be booked. Image by John Miller/Landmark Trust

Certain Landmark Trust properties in the UK will soon be available for overnight bookings in the second half of 2019. The charity, which rescues important buildings to preserve them into the future, opens up properties to the public for stays to raise money and so they will be enjoyed. Prospective guests can snag a spot in one of the five most popular landmarks for a stay between July and December 2019, by booking online starting Saturday, 3 March at 9 am.

Astley Castle combines modern architecture and historic ruins. Image by John Miller/Landmark Trust

Among the properties available to rent are Astley Castle, a ruined historic site that has been updated with modern architecture, and the Belmont, a glamorous 18th century seaside villa. New to book this year is Coed y Bleiddiau – or Wood of the Wolves – in Wales, a small railway cottage in Snowdonia National Park.

Coed y Bleiddiau in Wales is an old railway cottage. Image by Ffestiniog Railway/Landmark Trust

Since most travellers dream of a vacation in a castle, actually securing a booking can be tough. The Landmark Trust encourages anyone interested to register on the website in advance to speed up the process. If you’ve already registered for previous years, check to make sure your login info is correct. Find out more on how to register here.

All that preparation will pay off if you can secure a booking in one of the amazing historic sites. For example, the Birdhouse is a romantic home for two designed in back in 1783. Modern romantics can book the home for two, for four nights at £290 (US$405), or only £36.25 (US$50) per person, per night.

The Martello Tower was built to keep out Napoleon. Image by Landmark Trust

Or, spend the night in a Martello Tower that was originally designed to keep Napoleon out. The large space also allows guests to head out to the stone-flagged battery on the roof where they can relax and watch the sea.

If you’re desperate to secure a spot, bookings are open on 20 February for Patrons and 24 February for Landmark Friends.

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Here’s how you can book a stay in a historic castle or tower in the UK
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