Here’s how to take advantage of “Travel Deal Tuesday”

If you have any money left over after availing of all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, then why not try and snag some cheap flights on “Travel Deal Tuesday”.

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According to airfare prediction site Hopper, the best time for saving on flights isn’t on those other notorious sale days, but rather on what it has dubbed “Travel Deal Tuesday”. Hopper analysed historical flight price data and found that there’s significantly more airfare sales on the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving. Last year, there was more than double the normal amount of sales on that Tuesday, while in 2015 there were six times the number of sales.

If you’re wondering why such good deals are available, it’s because many airlines offer big discounts because the demand for travel goes down after Thanksgiving. Many travellers have already booked their flights for the pricey holiday season, but haven’t started planning that winter getaway for the New Year yet.

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Hopper’s announcement comes as they promote their Flex Watch app tool, which is used to alert travellers to the best savings for different destinations, as airline prices are so changeable they can fluctuate throughout the day. To inspire travellers, they even rounded up some average international flight prices based on the average round-trip from US cities. Those deals include flights to Cancun for around US$313, Reykjavik from US$502, Paris from US$566, Lima from US$565 and even Bangkok from US$607.

But if you still need to save on more than flights to afford that dream holiday, there may still be time left to grab a Cyber Monday deal on things like hotels, ski resorts, and tours.

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Here’s how to take advantage of “Travel Deal Tuesday”
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