Heard about plogging? The Scandi trend to pick up trash while jogging

Forget hygge, lagom and fika, the latest Scandinavian lifestyle trend to capture our imaginations is plogging, which you can do on your holidays. This fitness concept originated in Sweden, and it involves picking up litter while you’re out jogging. So now you can help the environment no matter where you are in the world, with the added bonus of feeling eco-conscious while keeping fit.

Fans of plogging enjoy combining jogging with collecting trash. Image: Hero Images

Social media feeds show ploggers all over the world equipping themselves with trash bags as they get their daily run in. The trend started in Sweden two years ago and then went to the next level with the formation of plogging clubs around the country. The international spread of the trend is timely because the problem of plastic levels in the ocean has been highlighted over the past year. This includes a campaign that Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is involved with to clean 100 islands around the world and the surrounding seas of plastic by 2020.

Chris Hemsworth is involved in the campaign to clean 100 islands and the surrounding seas of all plastic by 2020. Image: Corona x Parlay

So if you’re out jogging on vacation, you can join in the initiative and do a good turn for the environment, with the added bonus of knowing you’re making your friends back home envious with the stunning locations you’re featuring. Instagram posts show that plogging is becoming popular in the UK, and there is a dedicated community in Paris called PloggingFrance, which has members collecting trash from the French capital. There are also plogging image clusters in places as diverse as India, Malaysia, Turkey, Mexico and Colombia.

Plogging originated in Sweden and it involves combining jogging with collecting trash. Image: Moodboard/Getty Images

Fans of the initiative speculate that other sports could join in to promote social and environmental responsibility, by combining their chosen leisure pursuit with the noble initiative of trash removal. No doubt Scandinavia will be leading the way if it happens.

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Heard about plogging? The Scandi trend to pick up trash while jogging
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