It may not quite be a Festivus miracle, but a pop-up installation will let Seinfeld-fans in Los Angeles celebrate the holiday season in a replica of Jerry’s apartment.

A replica of Seinfeld's apartment that opened in New York will now open in Los Angeles.

A replica of Seinfeld’s apartment that opened in New York will now open in Los Angeles. Image by Arturo Pardavila III / CC BY 2.0

Hulu, the online video-streaming site that has acquired the rights to stream the famous comedy series, created a replica of Jerry Seinfeld’s Upper West Side apartment to display in New York earlier this year. Seinfeld ran for nine seasons between 1989 and 1998 and memorabilia from the show was on display at Hulu’s “Seinfeld: The Apartment” exhibit. Now, the apartment will open in Los Angeles, but with new additions to celebrate the Festivus season.

On the show, Festivus is a holiday created by George Constanza’s father to get away from the commercialism and religious aspects of the holidays. It is celebrated by putting up an aluminium pole instead of a tree, and by the traditional “airing of grievances” – where you tell people all the ways they’ve disappointed you in the last year – and the “feats of strength”.

The new additions to the installation will include a Festivus pole lot and more memorabilia. The apartment is free to attend and open to the public from 16 to 20 December in West Hollywood.

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