One travel Instagram account has been drawing attention thanks to its stunning travel photography as well as the astonishing story behind it.

Australian cacao tea

Australian cacao tea Image by Love Walk Eat See Instagram

Australian Lara Miller was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease when she was 18 that will eventually lead to blindness. But as her condition worsened, Miller refused to let it hold her back. Taking off and travelling across 19 countries with her husband, she decided to take in as much of the world as possible before her sight left her forever, and she began an Instagram account to document her trips and experiences.

Entitled Love Walk Eat See, the description of the account says “Going blind. Taking photos” and it chronicles amazing places, meals, intimate scenes, and animals, all the way from New Zealand to Switzerland.

An inquisitive Frenchie

An inquisitive Frenchie. Image by Love Walk Eat See Instagram

Miller currently has tunnel vision and light sensitivity, but has continued to take photos and to travel led by her husband, who often acts as a guide and help, although she does all the travel research herself. Speaking to the Daily Mail she explained how her adventures began when she started to feel trapped by her disability: “‘My first reaction was of acceptance, and I still do accept my conditions. But a sense of urgency crept in for a few years and I focused on external accolades to fuel my self-esteem, all the while fearing rejection because of my disabilities,” she said.  She goes on to say that people should follow their urges to travel and not be constrained by plans or timelines.

View in Lucca, Tuscany

View in Lucca, Tuscany Image by Love Walk Eat See Instagram

She and her husband travel slowly so that she can become accustomed to new places they’re staying in, and be comfortable with her surroundings. Her beautiful portraits, landscapes, and intimate photos have gained her over 10,000 followers on Instagram and led to the launch of merchandise too. Lara will possibly be turning the Instagram account into a blog in 2016 as well.

Lake Pukaki and Mount Cook in New Zealand

Lake Pukaki and Mount Cook in New Zealand. Image by Love Walk Eat See Instagram