Get dreaming with this series of fantasy hybrid cities

Ever been on holiday and thought ‘it’d be perfect if they just had this one thing…’? What if you could take the best parts of your favourite cities and create one glorious hybrid city? That’s just what Expedia has done in this illustrated series of ‘city mash-ups’.

Rio Londoneiro

Rio De Janeiro beaches and London museums? Yes please. Image by Expedia

Combining the beaches of Rio De Janeiro with the culture of London, here you could spend your morning topping up your tan before whiling away an afternoon in a history museum and then snap shots of Christ the Redeemer from the top of the London Eye.

Bang York

Bang York would be one of the best nightlife destinations in the world. Photo by Expedia

This city would be the perfect hybrid of the high-energy New York living and contemplative explorations of Bangkok’s Buddhist temples. One thing is for sure; the nightlife in this imagined city would the world’s most legendary.

Cape Roma

Cape Roma looks like a great place for romance. Image by Expedia

Imagine the iconic architecture of Rome surrounded by Cape Town’s Table Mountain. With incredible strolls through hazy sunsets, this would surely be one of the most romantic destinations in the world.


Get your souvenirs at Sydnakech. Image by Expedia

Better bring an empty suitcase to this hybrid city because this Sydney/Marrakech mash-up will be the ultimate stop for shoppers. When you’ve had your fill of the delights of the winding lanes of the Medina, get a breath of fresh air with a walk to the Sydney Opera House over Harbour Bridge.


All the world’s architectural delights are in Dubaris. Image by Expedia

From medieval churches of Paris to the ultra-modern creations of Dubai, this would be an architectural dreamscape to explore. But what would be the symbol of the city; the Eiffel Tower or the Burj Khalifa?


Moscanbul is a fantastical hybrid city. Image by Expedia

Taking the very best from Moscow and Istanbul, this imaginary hybrid city looks like something out of a fantasy series. You could spend your day exploring mosques, souks, castles and palaces and barely scratch the surface.


From the old to the new in Seoulhi. Image by Expedia

With one foot in the future and the other in the past, this combination of Delhi and Seoul would be a truly unforgettable fusion destination with each street full of different surprises.

What destinations would you combine to make your perfect hybrid?

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Get dreaming with this series of fantasy hybrid cities
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