Fast food fans in Venezuela are once again enjoying french fries in McDonald’s restaurants after all franchises stopped selling them ten months ago due to supply shortages plaguing the country.

French fries back on the menu in Venezuelan McDonald's.

French fries back on the menu in Venezuelan McDonald’s. Image by Katy Warner / CC BY-SA 2.0

In the potato fries’ stead, McDonald’s introduced yuca (a root vegetable also known as cassava) fries. On Monday, customers were encouraged to swap the yuca alternative for the real thing through a campaign that included large banners and a social media countdown. The french fries are now made with locally-sourced potatoes, and while they used to cost the same as other McDonald’s side items, they are now 20 percent more expensive than the yuca version. At Venezuela’s black market rate, the fries cost 64 cents, but at the strongest of Venezuela’s official rates, they’ll set customers back $79. Read more: