Foodies will want to travel to the cities with the most diverse food scenes

One of the best parts of travelling the world is sampling all the incredible food along the way. But in some cities, you can explore the entire world through cuisine without ever leaving city limits.

These cities have the most international foods. Image by Ramlen Salleh / EyeEm / Getty Images

For example, travellers in New York can sample 94 different national cuisines, according to new research from Bott and Co. Stop by Kiwiana to try food from New Zealand, or Icelandic Fish & Chips for a taste of one of many Nordic cuisines, or even Dukagjini Burek for a bite of Albanian.

New York is famous for its bagels, but it also has the most international cuisine of any city in the world. Image by ©Sivan Askayo/Lonely Planet

The company created a new tool for hungry travellers by researching the number of different national cuisines represented in 50 cities with a population of more than one million. With its high-end restaurants, hole-in-the-wall hot spots, and wide array of food stalls, New York unsurprisingly took the top position. It was followed by London with 89 cuisines from around the world. However, if you love African food, the continent’s cuisines are much better represented in the UK capital than in New York.

Frankfurters and tacos at Junkyard Gold in London. Image by ©Will Jack Jones/Lonely Planet

The third most diverse city for food is Toronto. Canada’s largest city packs a punch for its size with a total of 71 different cuisines from around the world. It is followed by Chicago in fourth place, Paris in fifth, and Berlin and Melbourne tied for sixth.

The tool also reveals the top-rated restaurant for each cuisine in all of the top 50 cities. Find your next restaurant below.

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Foodies will want to travel to the cities with the most diverse food scenes
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