Find your way to London’s best festive attractions with this Tube map

Now you don’t have to miss a second of festive fun in London this season with this handy map to find your way to all of them in no time.

A young girl looks at the ‘Fire Garden’, during a preview for Christmas at Kew Gardens. Photo by Adam Davy/PA Images via Getty Images

The map, created by Clarendon Service Apartments, has illustrated stops for all the usual holiday events; shopping at special markets or the best department stores, catch seasonal shows like The Nutcracker or an array of pantomimes, get some inspiration at some very special toy stores, go ice-skating or visit Santa’s grotto.

There are 100 different stops listed in total, giving both visitors and locals plenty of ideas to fill the cold winter months in London. Each stop is colour-coded depending on which Tube line they’re on and there’s even an estimate of the amount of time it will take you to walk from the station to where the fun starts. To see the full-size map click here.

The London Christmas Map. Image by Clarendon London

The festive season is already well underway in the city, with the both the famous Regent Street and Oxford Street lights turned on and a huge amount of themed Christmas markets up and running to buy all those presents, including ones specialising in crafts, art, food, Scandinavian and Japanese themes and even a dog Christmas market in London Fields.

This year, the festive nightlife will even get a boost with the announcement that the Night Overground will be up and running for Friday 15 December, just in time for many people’s Christmas parties. For more chilly inspiration, check out Lonely Planet’s guide to winter in London.

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Find your way to London’s best festive attractions with this Tube map
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