Explore Fiji and gain work experience on this incredible graduate scheme

If your graduation day has come and gone, but you’re still not ready to head into the office every day, then check out a new graduate scheme that will have you gaining workplace skills while enjoying the beauty of Fiji.

Sailing the Fijian Islands. Image by ©bjuerges/Getty Images

The Pacific islands’ tourism board has launched “Degree 2 Fiji”, a program that will bring a lucky graduate from the UK to the islands to get some very non-traditional work experience. The candidate will gain workplace skills, but it won’t be anything like your regular old post-grad office job. Instead of boring paper work, the graduate will hone their communication skills by teaching local children and taking part in traditional rituals, work on leadership skills by acting as the voice of Tourism Fiji, and teamwork skills by contributing to local wildlife conservation efforts. There will also be a lot of adventure, with the candidate taking part in activities like sky diving, hiking, and rafting.

It’s also designed to instil a sense of confidence in a new graduate. As the posting explains: “you’ll come away from your time in Fiji with new skills that will take you confidently into the working world. By the time your time with us ends, you will have travelled to the other side of the globe and had the once in a lifetime experience of a completely unique graduate scheme. We’re positive you’ll leave the islands with a newfound confidence to take you on to your next position”.

Snorkellers swim over a reef in Fiji. Image by ©Larry Dale Gordon/Getty Images

If this sounds like the ultimate dream placement for you, there are unfortunately a few requirements that you have to meet. The successful applicant should be based in the UK and will be in their final year of university, or have a university degree but not yet have entered full-time employment, a graduate scheme or an internship. You will also need to have a lot of energy, a willingness to go in front of the camera and to try new things.

The month-long adventure will happen in June 2018. To apply, you have to create a 30-second video about one of your passions, and upload it to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Degree2Fiji. For more information, see the official website.

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Explore Fiji and gain work experience on this incredible graduate scheme
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