Experience the sounds of beautiful countries from the comfort of your home

While many dream of gallivanting off to foreign lands not everyone can and so in a bid to curb some wanderlust a new experience has launched that offers a feast for the ears. Orbitz, the travel fare aggregator website, asked 36 locals to share special sound recordings and photos of the landscapes and cityscapes they call home. You can find all the Soundscapes here.

From the bustling Tokyo epicentre and Cancun’s stunning beaches to Wellington’s peaceful countryside and drummers in Johannesburg, the result is a great collection of a variety of sounds that you can listen to from the comfort of your bed.

“Sometimes the sound associated with a place reveals more about its culture and character than an image,” Orbitz said. “What would Tokyo be without the cars, buses and brouhaha of a big city? The Amazon forest without the birds and peaceful wind going through the trees? Or even the most beautiful beach in Cancún without the sound of the waves?

You can experience the chaotic city of Tokyo! Image by GettyImages/Yongyuan Dai

“It is both a calming and a learning experience to close your eyes, open your ears and sense the hidden life of a city, forest or ocean.”

Skyline of Johannesburg with Ellis park stadium, Gauteng Province, South Africa
South Africa’s Johannesburg with street performers is just one sound you can listen to. Image by GettyImages/BFG Images

This isn’t the first time a travel company has used sound to capture the imagination. Expedia created a variety of sound clips that captured some of that ambience across the world along with beautiful illustrations of the sound waves to go with it. You can listen to them all here.

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Experience the sounds of beautiful countries from the comfort of your home
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