Disappear into the woods with this eco-friendly retreat coming to Minnesota

When you truly want to get away from it all, you may feel like you simply don’t want to be found. For days – or vacations – like that, this new eco-retreat concept would be perfect and it may be popping up somewhere near you soon.

The retreat has been specially designed for very cold climates. Image by Coulson

The Disappear Retreat is specifically designed for very cold climates and designed in such a way to perfectly fade into the woodland background, giving it a chameleon-like appearance. It has a clear glass roof that makes it perfect for stargazing and seeing the outline of the trees in the sky.

The unit itself is entirely self-sufficient, generating all the heat it needs from the sun, meaning the retreat is off-the-grid. It’s also just 83 square-feet so it can squeeze into its surroundings with minimalist disruption to the environment.

The design makes it perfect for stargazing. Image by Coulson

The mirrored glass is made from a special transparent ultraviolent colour, preventing the neighbouring wildlife from accidentally colliding with it. In an effort to make the retreats zero-waste, rainwater will also be collected and treated onsite to make it potable.

The Disappear Retreat should cause minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. Image by Coulson

The first Disappear Retreats are under construction at the moment in a boreal forest near Grand Marais, Minnesota, close to the shoreline of Lake Superior. Once they’ve been roadtested by adventurous visitors, they’ll be made available to purchase by the public or by people within the travel industry.

There are three types; a basic cabin, a bed and bath model and a third one with an inbuilt sauna. If you decide to invest in one yourself, you’ll get a full custom site and climate evaluation. The design works best in cold climates but can be tweaked to more moderate temperatures.

It will be a completely off-the-grid experience. Photo by Coulson

To get more information on the Disappear Retreat, check out Coulson architecture firm.

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Disappear into the woods with this eco-friendly retreat coming to Minnesota
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