Could these funny tweets convince you to visit the Museum of English Rural Life?

The social media manager at the Museum of English Rural Life has been having a field day on the museum’s Twitter feed this week, sharing the joys of farming and country life with some nods to the internet’s favourite memes.

The museum in Reading, England, also known as MERL, tweeted a picture of a huge ram with the caption “look at this absolute unit” – a nod to a popular meme. After racking up thousands of retweets and favourites, it wasn’t long before people were clamouring for more farm-related content.

While it’s not the first example of museum social media accounts getting in on some internet jokes, a lot of Twitter users were amused by the fact that this was coming from a farm museum.

But, the museum promotes itself as a place that “challenges perceptions about rural England by revealing the historical and contemporary relevance of country life,” and the tweets have certainly done that.

If you’re wondering where this joyful content has been all your life, the tweets have been coming from Adam Koszary, who manages digital accounts for the Reading Museum and MERL. He actually shared the secrets of the museum’s viral fame in a Medium post. But, if what you actually care about is how a sheep can become such an absolute unit (which you do), then check out a piece written by curator Dr Ollie Douglas on animal breeding. Or, you could stop by the museum on your next trip to Reading and maybe even see an absolute unit up close.

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Could these funny tweets convince you to visit the Museum of English Rural Life?
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