Chief Flamingo Officer wanted for a resort in the Bahamas

You don’t always need to deal with people to work in the hospitality industry. You could, in fact, dedicate your time entirely to flamingos, at least in one resort in the Bahamas.

These could be your co-workers. Photo by Westend61/Getty Images

The Baha Mar Resort is looking for a Chief Flamingo Officer (or an Avian Manager if you prefer, although why would you) to add to their conservation team. They’re looking someone with a qualification in zoology and at least five years experience in caring for exotic birds, with specific flamingo experience.

You’ll be responsible for overseeing the care of the flamboyance of flamingos – which is expected to arrive in the next few months – and supervising all staff in the area. You’ll need to monitor the animals for health, ensure they’re getting the care and training they need, maintain their living area and exhibits and even oversee a breeding programme.

And this could be your office. Photo by Baha Mar Resort

The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas and the ‘Flamingo Mansion’ at the resort will be a unique opportunity for guests to learn more about the colourful birds. The successful applicant will also be expected to have excellent people skills, interacting with guests and acting as a spokesperson.

If you’re wondering what kind of hotel resort needs a Chief Flamingo Officer, the Baha Mar Resort is certainly something a bit different. As well as three hotels, 14 restaurants, seven pools and 13 bars, there are art studios, a casino, spa, golf club, shops and, finally, an animal sanctuary onsite.

The first stage of the resort opened in April 2017 and already has given an indication that they take their wildlife very seriously. Also on the payroll is a Chief Scientist with the task of directing the resort’s conservation efforts, oversee wildlife education initiatives for the guests and the Animal Sanctuary.

Applications for Chief Flamingo Officer are open online until 28 February. If you don’t have the skills for this particular role, there are more than 110 other open positions currently being advertised.

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Chief Flamingo Officer wanted for a resort in the Bahamas
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