Check out these pictures of an abandoned London

Those of you who love your city breaks but have an aversion to crowds may have often dreamed about wandering your very own abandoned metropolis. Now these photos of an empty London will show you how you can.

A panoramic shot of Piccadilly Circus with Leicester Square in the background. Photo by Justin Bramwell

Justin Bramwell, a London-based designer, decided to hop on his bike on Christmas Day armed with only his iPhone to document the eeriness of the empty city. It was his second year in-a-row to do so and this year he made a conscious effort to seek out all the top tourist spots that are normally crowded with people.

See a Covent Garden without its market. Photo by Justin Bramwell

In places like Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Bridge and Covent Garden, the bright lights are still on but nobody’s home. Many of the places are adorned with festive Christmas decorations, adding to the somewhat creepy, empty atmosphere.

Regent Street is almost unrecognisable without its shoppers. Photo by Justin Bramwell

Justin told Lonely Planet News that this shouldn’t deter people from exploring empty cities. “It’s definitely eerie but I didn’t feel unsafe. I had more freedom to move around and be aware of my surroundings and take in the beauty of the city architecture. I’ve noticed a few details I wouldn’t have spotted on a normal day.”

Carnaby Street, Soho. Photo by Justin Bramwell

Seeing the city he lives in in a completely different light, calling it “more that just the absence of people but also their stories and paths they travel. It felt like watching a theatre stage before the performance, knowing that it will soon be full of characters and plot lines. It gave me time to admire how often it happens everyday.”

Oxford Street. Photo by Justin Bramwell

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Check out these pictures of an abandoned London
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