Calling all thrill-seekers: the world’s longest zipline has opened in the UAE

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, a new challenge may appeal to you in the form of the world’s longest zipline. At three times the length of the Burj Khalifa – itself the tallest structure in the world – the Jebel Jais Flight was recently launched on the United Arab Emirates’ highest peak in Ras Al Khaimah, the northernmost emirate.

A zipline rider on The Jebel Jais Flight in the UAE. Image: RAKTDA

Thrill-seekers will be fitted with a special suit and harnessed to the zipline in a flying Superman position. They will travel at speeds of around 150kph at a height of 1680 metres above sea level, on top of Jebel Jais mountain. At 2.8km, the attraction has now officially broken the Guinness World Record for world’s longest zipline by 600m, and is equivalent to over 28 soccer fields. It has a cable that weighs in at over six tonnes.

The zipline consists of two lines, allowing friends and family to take part together. The longest flight will take approximately two to three minutes, and once completed, it will take the riders to a suspended landing platform. There they will be transferred to a second line, measuring in at 1km, to complete their journey back to the ground.

The suspended landing platform on The Jebel Jais Flight on the UAE’s highest mountain, Jebel Jais. Image; RAKTDA

The zipline will be able to accommodate 200 people per day and was launched by Toro Verde in partnership with Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority. It was designed by Jorge Jorge, director of Toro Verde Adventure Park in Puerto Rico, and took over four months to build.

The Jebel Jais Flight has opened on top of the UAE’s highest mountain, Jebel Jais. Image: RAKTDA

For further information on the Jebel Jais Flight, see here.

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Calling all thrill-seekers: the world’s longest zipline has opened in the UAE
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