Austria’s capital is once again the best city for quality of life

For the ninth year in a row, Vienna is the top city in the world for quality of life.

Vienna is the top city for quality of life. Image by ©TTstudio/Shutterstock

Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living survey once again put the Austrian capital at the top of the list while ranking cities based on factors like security, infrastructure, cultural facilities and sanitation. Overall, European cities dominated the top 10, with three German and three Swiss cities in the top tier. Vienna was followed by Zurich, and in third place was Auckland, the highest ranking city in the Pacific. The top ranked North American city – and only to make the top 10 – was Vancouver, Canada in fifth place.

People can seen exploring and relaxing around Piha beach, which is located at the West Coast in Auckland, New Zealand. Image by ©gracethang2/Shutterstock

The report is designed with businesses in mind, ranking cities to help multinational companies pay employees fairly when they are sent on international assignments. But, if you’re just simply considering a move abroad, the study does help classify what cities are good for international workers’ overall lifestyles.

Vienna’s stronghold on the top spot stems from its high security, good public transportation and cultural and recreation facilities, according to the report. Munich has risen to the third spot as a result of its investment in infrastructure and cultural facilities. Despite being a hugely popular destination for tourists, London ranks 41st on the list due to its issues with traffic congestion and air pollution.

The famous colourful buildings of Nyhavn in Copenhagen. Image by ©AleksandarGeorgiev/Getty Images

In North America, Canadian cities outrank those in their southern neighbour, as the top US city is San Francisco in 30th place. The top city for quality of living in South America is Montevideo, Uruguay in 77th. While Dubai, the top city in the Middle East, was ranked 74th, followed by Abu Dhabi in 77. Port Louis, Mauritius, is the highest ranking city in Africa in 83rd place, while Singapore is Asia’s highest in 25th place.

Here are the top 10 cities for quality of life:

Vienna, Austria

Zürich, Switzerland

Auckland, New Zealand

Munich, Germany

Vancouver, Canada

Düsseldorf, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

Geneva, Switzerland

Copenhagen, Denmark

Basel, Switzerland and Sydney, Australia (tied for 10th)

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Austria’s capital is once again the best city for quality of life
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