Artist creates her own airline that will only fly to art events

In the world of modern travel, many airlines are finding it necessary to deliver more unique experiences and inclusive services in an ever-evolving, competitive market. Recent industry developments include an airline that will fly customers straight to the slopes in the Swiss Alps, while the increasingly chic Singapore Airlines has become the latest to introduce double beds on flights. And now, an ambitious new project has launched that sees an artist establishing her very own bespoke and personal airline with the sole mission of flying customers to art events.

Angelhaha Airline
Artist Qinmin Liu has established Angelhaha Airline to fly people to art events all over the world. Image by Angelhaha Airline

Created by Chinese artist Qinmin Liu, Angelhaha Airline is described as a “dream-driven business corporation that will pursue a positive spirit.” The first flight is due to take place on 6 December, travelling from New York to Miami for Art Basel at Miami Beach. Following that, Angelhaha Airline is offering flights to cities that include San Francisco, Beijing, Paris, Venice, Berlin, Zurich, London, and Puerto Rico, and the airline’s website has listings up until November 2018.

The airline's first flight is due to take off next month.
The airline’s first flight is due to take off next month. Image by Andrew Xu

“I am always interested in making unachievable dreams come true. Also, I question what else I can challenge with my art practice, my artist identity and art world. What’s the function of an artist? What else can we do? I want to push the limit, so why not start something that can redefine the function of art?” Qinmin Liu told Lonely Planet Travel News. Focusing on providing a service that will make customers happy and relaxed, Qinmin Liu hopes to create special choreographed experiences within the confined space in order to make the business unique. The artist also said that while many people have already expressed interest, some people do not believe that it is a serious venture.

More information on Angelhaha Airline and the routes that it services is available at the official website.

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Artist creates her own airline that will only fly to art events
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