An entire airport terminal is being auctioned off

If your taste is home decor is somewhat unique – or if you’re just an aviation enthusiast – this unusual auction is bound to get you excited. The entire contents of Heathrow airport’s Terminal 1 are being sold off.

Everything must go from Heathrow’s Terminal 1. Photo by Richard Bryant/ArcaidImages

The terminal was closed down in 2015 in order to allow for the expansion of Terminal 2. Now auction firm CA Global Partners are selling all the contents, including baggage carousels, check-in desks, seating, escalators, artwork and lots of signs. The terminal was once the largest short-haul terminal in Europe, hosting up to nine million passengers a year, so there is lots of items available.

The auction will take place overlooking the runway itself, at the Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotel, at 11am on Saturday 21 April. Potential bidders can view a sample of the goods from a day before but the terminal itself isn’t open to the public, so much of the bidding will have to take place from the photographs and descriptions.

It remains to be seen where the signage could end up and it’s possible other airports could bid on some of the contents. It also has the potential to be the backbone of a quirky themed bar or restaurant. It’s not all strictly airport goods either; there’s also a large number of artwork pieces available to bid on.

You can view the full catalogue and login to start the bidding online now. If you’re interested in finding out more about where the items will eventually get to, the auction itself will be streamed online.

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An entire airport terminal is being auctioned off
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