Amateur videographer wanted for a free cycling trip around Europe and West Africa

If you’ve got skills as a videographer and a love of travel, a cycling tour group has a dream internship for you.

TDA Global Cycling has announced that it is searching for an amateur videographer to head out on an all-expenses-paid four-month internship, documenting the company’s tours in Europe and West Africa. Billed as the “Best. Video Internship. Ever.”, the company is looking for someone with “a good on-screen personality and a passport with plenty of pages to fill” to create video about the company’s cycling tours.

The lucky new intern will have all their flights, food, accommodation and visas covered, and they will get a US$1000 gear allowance. From there, they will travel with the cyclists and support crew along sections of the Trans-Europa tour, which heads from Finland to Portugal, and the West African en Velo tour, which follows a route from Morocco to Ghana.

Cycle through the sunrise. Image by TDA Global Cycling.

The internship will start in September 2018, landing the lucky employee in Barcelona to start filming the trip through the Catalonian centre of Tarragona and the UNESCO-listed Roman ruins of Tarraco. From there, they will travel to Aragon and the Gran Ciudad of Madrid, then cross the border into Portugal and reach the Atlantic Ocean in Lisbon. After that, they will fly to Casablanca and get ready to start the company’s inaugural West Africa tour in October. They will head south through the High Atlas Mountains and Western Sahara, into Guinea and Freetown, Sierra Leone, before heading into Cote d’Ivoire and finishing on Ghana’s historic Cape Coast in December.

If this sounds like the perfect way to spend the end of 2018, you can apply by recording a short video showing who you are, your personality and creativity, and a short clip about TDA Global Cycling. The applications are due on 1 June, 2018. Find out more about how to apply here.

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Amateur videographer wanted for a free cycling trip around Europe and West Africa
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