Adventurous cat has been banned from a library in Minneapolis

A three-year old cat has become an Internet sensation after he was banned from his local university’s library. The decision was taken after Max the cat became a regular at Macalester College library in St Paul, Minnesota.

A former street cat, Max was adopted from a shelter by Connie Lipton, whose husband teaches religious studies at the university. Max and the other family cat, Grace, live in the family home near the university, but while Gracie is happy to stay at home, Max likes to wander, particularly around the campus, where he was a popular figure among the students.

Sadly, a halt was put to the sociable cat’s gallop when he kept entering the library building. This didn’t go down well with staff there as an employee is allergic to cats, and they were also worried that Max would get locked inside. They posted a note on the door, explaining to library users that Max was not to be allowed inside.

Artist and library employee, Christopher Schommer, returned from leave and made a new version of the sign (above), which went viral. It used an illustration by artist, Gamze Genc Celik, and they are now planning to turn it into a children’s book.

After the poster went viral, many people made funny illustrations, cartoons and comic strips about Max and his library adventures. The adventure-loving cat has now been grounded to keep him safe because a major construction project is happening on campus. His owner Connie is now walking him on a harness and leash, but the freedom-loving cat is not happy about it so far. She is also considering having him trained as a therapy cat so that he can continue to interact with people.

Follow Max’s adventures on Instagram here.

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Adventurous cat has been banned from a library in Minneapolis
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