A trendy new hotel opening in London will have its own cereal café

A new hotel opening up in London is sure to appeal to those want their next hotel stay to stand out, with features like a cereal café and a rooftop eco-shed.

Eat cereal at a cafe at this new hotel. Image by laartist/Getty Images

The New Road Hotel, scheduled to open in the spring, is an 80-room boutique hotel built in a former textile factory in London’s infamous and eclectic Whitechapel neighbourhood. Inspired by New York, the hotel will feature some very unique amenities like Cereal Grind – a café dedicated to breakfast cereal. There will be menu items of ambitious cereal combinations like the “Rice Rice Baby” – a mix of Rice Krispies, white chocolate, mini marshmallows and vanilla milk – and the “Cap’n America” – a mix of Cap’n Crunch, Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, and your choice of milk. For those who like to be in charge of their own destiny, you can build your own cereal bowl by picking your basic sugary treat, adding on things like Maltesers, berries, and nuts, and then picking from a long list of different kinds of milk.

Whitechapel, London. Image by benkadams.com/Getty Images

But, if you’re interest in a hotel extends beyond breakfast cereal, then there are plenty of other things on offer. Instead of mini-bars and kettles, each floor has its own vending machines with free tea, coffee and hot chocolate. There’s a rooftop eco-shed, where guests can have an environmentally sustainable stay.

Each floor will have a “thematic” lounge area where you can meet people or relax. One floor will feature a pool table and snack station, one will have a library, another ironing station, and a yoga terrace and fitness studio. If that’s not enough, the website currently lists pages for “parkour” and “scoot”, though details are yet to be revealed. Learn more about the hotel here.

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A trendy new hotel opening in London will have its own cereal café
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