A rollercoaster will deliver your food at this Vienna restaurant

Vienna now has a restaurant where your food is delivered by rollercoaster. Promising what the owners call “Gastronomy 4.0”, the Rollercoaster Restaurant has found its home in Prater Park, the oldest amusement park in Austria.

Guests waiting for their food at the Rollercoaster Restaurant, Vienna. Photo by Carly Hulls

With outlets in Sochi, Abu Dhabi and Nuremberg, meals are delivered via the stainless steel rollercoaster tracks that spiral all around the restaurant. Using patented robotics delivery technology and lit up by LED lighting, meals and drinks loop-the-loop and rocket along at 30km-per-hour before arriving at tables along the flashing tracks.

Its German inventors, Heine Mack, call the restaurant a “next generation dining experience”, with diners ordering their meals using a touchscreen menu and one-armed robots mixing cocktails and dancing under club lights every hour.

The owners call the experience ‘Gastronomy 4.0’. Photo by Carly Hulls

All of the burgers, pastas, salads and desserts are made fresh in the kitchen before being placed in a bowl with a secured lid and ejected at high speed along the tracks. Meals land on a communal table, each seating 12 to 14 diners, before they are spun via a lazy Susan-style mechanism and sent to the right seat.

With space for 210 guests, two robots and multiple rollercoaster tracks over two levels, the restaurant is open daily until 10pm. Reservations are recommended. The restaurant also caters to those with allergies with carbohydrate-free burger buns and other customisations.

Your meal will be secured to survive the wild ride to your table. Photo by Carly Hulls

The Rollercoaster Restaurant is not the only quirky eatery in Vienna at the moment with the opening of Der Beste Doge in the Supersense shop, where chefs serve meals to customers surrounded by 1980s keyboards, boomboxes and recording equipment.

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A rollercoaster will deliver your food at this Vienna restaurant
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